Gadgeteer vs Pure NETMF

I’ve been toiling away on something new for Skewworks and man did I forget how much TinyCore and Gadgeteer take away from the system.

For example: running my code on Gadgeteer with a keyboard attached I lose somewhere around 90% of the data sent. On NETMF, I’m looking at zero (or so close to zero I haven’t caught it yet) loss.

I absolutely love the drag and drop modules for Gadgeteer, but man what I high performance price we pay. :frowning:

As I continue to work on the new products, perhaps it’s time to revive my “Pure NETMF Gadgeteer” project which gives you the use of modules without the TinyCore killing you.


Go for it!

Didn’t know the TinyCore stuff uses that much resources !? :think:
So far I only used it to get easily to the Gadgeteer driver sources by F12-ing them.

I’m a NETMF guy anyway, and the only disadvantage for me is that I have to modify the Gadgeteer drivers to use them without TinyCore.
I would love to see that drivers are written for pure NETMF and then are wrapped by the Gadgeteer overhead.

There’s an initial version on Code Share. I ported a decent number of modules. More are up in the new project I’m working on.

Interesting. I have never really used Gadgeteer (beyond just modules with the connectors).

I wonder what part of TinyCore.dll causes the issue. Is it just having it included as a reference or is it specific classes?

My project just uses TinyCore for Colors and for SystemMetrics. I can work around these very easily.

I need an explanation, otherwise its a bug!