Gadgeteer Tri-Power

Just completed the first revision of a power board I’ve been working on for Gadgeteer.

It has three power sources: DC jack, mini-USB and Li-Pol battery, and will automatically switch between them.

It also has D and U connections. The D allows you to power and program your Gadgeteer device. The U connection is a serial port that sends a NEMA like string with system state data such as power source in use, battery charge, percentage etc.


nice module, having power options is always good ! Needs to be red for the final version - if you’re going to make it available to others that is…

Agreed! Very nice.

Does a power board need to be Red?

Can you charge the LiPo when on USB/DC?

Yes. The battery will automatically charge if there is another power source attached.

Would you sell this module?

Very nice!

Yes, according to the Gadgeteer module standard. If you’re going to sell it, be sure and read over the Module Builder’s Guide. There’s some silkscreen changes you need to make also.

Tzu, I would sell the module. But there are 2 problems. I only have 3 built so far, and I need to be a Junior rank to put it in the Creations section.

Ianlee, the Creations section doesn’t say anything about Gadgeteer standards and/or the Builder’s Guide. That should be clarified if it is the case. But thanks for the link.

It is not necessary to put in the Creations section.
Many creator sell their modules by email.
I bought some modules form Justin just using Email contact.

As Tzu said, it’s not a requirement of the Creations section. However, IMO, if you’re going to call it a Gadgeteer module it should follow the Gadgeteer standard as closely as possible. You’re only a few minor tweaks away. However, if you’ve already ordered 100 PCBs…then I couldn’t blame you for not doing another revision.

If your selling these let me know as I’d be interested in buying.

Well, maybe I will sell a few. I’ll build a few more and post when they are ready. Any suggestions on additional features?

I want one. And what is the Max input and output current?

@ charlieHustle - Really nice module, if you are going to be putting these up for sale then I will take one.

Of course, NOW I see this post after basically asking for this.

  • I hope you’re going to sell these, if so I’ll take 2.

Ooooh! Highly interested in this! What are the output amp ratings?

I am also very interested. Consider enabling other battery types and sizes, and maybe include solar cell support of some kind. I would definitely buy a few for test as well.

Solar power would be a HUGELY attractive feature.

I’m in for at least one.

I starting another batch of 3. If all goes well it looks like there’s enough interest to make a batch of 10 or so.

In terms of power, I’m still testing all of that as I write this. I routed the PCB and chose the IC’s aiming to get close to 5V/1A out of the DC-jack or battery. The usb is limited by your usb supply.

The 5V supplies the 3V3 power, and the 3V3 power supplies most of the on-board circuitry, so the final output will be less than the 5V/1A.

We need to have access to an “off the shelf” battery backed up power supply capable of delivering at least 2 to 5 amps at 3.3 and 5 volts. This would allow for proper powering of the cellular module, servos, etc… Solar power charging input capability would be great also. I’ve been currently using SparkFun product located here for portable data logger applications with li-pos successfully:
Doesn’t have the current capability but allows for easily charging via USB or external power input such as a solar panel or AC power supply.

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