Gadgeteer support

Since Visual Studio 2015 is about to go GA on july 20th, isn’t it about time gadgeteer that we have support for that, at least the project templates ?

When can this be expected ?

Any news ?

For event details visit: Visual Studio: IDE and Code Editor for Software Developers and Teams

Anyone ?


For me essential as well. Waiting for an update.

@ mcalsyn - i hope you have finished them Outlook issues instead of wasting time on here with frivolous open source play time that wont line my pockets with shiny coins :naughty:

Dunno what you are talking about boss. That was just an innocent mis-post.

(Actually, it seems that capable hands are dealing with this, so my comment was not adding anything to the conversation)

@ andre - I think it is not a matter of if anymore, the when is July 20th …for the VS 2015 Release

Netmf (for me 4.3.2) is already up and running on Windows 10 (10162) + VS 2015 RC, so if only the gadgeteer templates would work, I personally could live without the designer for some time. But nothing is a little bit too less, would be wonderfull if there was something as a gadgeteer.vsix for 2015 …

I hope you are proven to be right though, that shortly after VS 2015 comes NETMF 4.4 and Gadgeteer support … and than AOT in autumn, winter timeframe would be really awesome …

This one is going to take a little longer than usual because I need to finish open sourcing the Gadgeteer templates and getting them out there to get updated. Build and the Build Tour took up basically my entire spring.

I’ll update everyone when we have something here. Sorry for the delay.


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@ Mr. Gates - Now you’re getting older quite quickly, I surely hope we are not part in the cause of it :whistle:

@ Pete - Thanks for the clarification, lots of success in what you are achieving, hopefully we may see the results of it … in the times to come…

@ Bill Gates - given that the business model at Microsoft has changed, working on open source projects like .NetMF and Gadgeteer do make Microsoft money through use of things like Azure and are very important in bringing back ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ to Microsoft’s brand and perhaps even more important in stemming the loss of younger programmers entering the work force. The next question would be why would you care as you are no longer the largest individual shareholder of Microsoft and any money you make, you give away, and as you found out, giving it away is actually harder then making it.


If anyone has this problem, please PM me. I’m confident that I can be of assistance.


I can’t wait to have my PR2 with a Gadgeteer hat and the ability to design and code for it in VS2015. I’m not sure why I want it yet, but I do. :wink:

@ Pete Brown

Hi Pete,

thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile: Great to hear that the Gadgeteer Templates are going to be open sourced!

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Yes. The intention here is to have it all 100% OSS and community-driven.

Just the first part (legal etc.) needs to be done internally and correctly to ensure that can happen. After that, we’ll have a burst of work to get things moving on 2015.

It’s just this first one that’s lagging a bit due to schedules of those involved (especially mine). Summer is always a tough time of year to get chunks of time from people. :slight_smile:



@ Pete Brown - I’ve always thought it just faster to have the lawyers dragged out and shot. After shooting a couple of them the others all of a sudden become rather agreeable and energetic.

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Our LCA is pretty good when it comes to open sourcing stuff; they want to do the right thing. I just need to do the due diligence to prep for it. That’s the time spend.


I’m beginning to think Duke isn’t actually a native Canadian but an exhiled Texan :wink:

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Duke likes in what is sometimes referred to as Texas North.

Duke so far is the only one I am afraid to put on one of my “lists”. :whistle: