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Gadgeteer spider controlled by Matlab via Ethernet module?


Guys I need your opinion, is it possible to control the spider gadgeteer from PC Matlab?
Sounds complicated, any tutorials about the subject?



In the past, I did an embedded project which gathered data, and sent it to a PC where it was processed by Matlab, and the results returned. We used an IP/TCP connection.

For further information, I suggest you check the Matlab documentation.


Can you share part of your project with me so I would learn?


you could also use serial and


@ Jeff - I don’t poses that module, this is why I have to do it using the Ethernet module.


I only did the embedded side. Someone else did the Matlab side. On the embedded side, I used standard .NET sockets. Check the CodeShare for examples.

The Matlib documentation I referenced I believe had a link to sample code.


I can’t imagine how to begin at the embedded code =\


I suggest you go to the Support section of the forum and looks for documents and tutorials.