Gadgeteer source code

I’ve got the source code for Gadgeteer from the codplex. I’m facing a problem to unzip the archive due to very long path\filenames. Winzip and winrar don’t help. I’ve tried pkzip as well but no success.
Is it a real problem or is my win 7 fault ?


Why not use the built in ZIP functionality in Windows?

Unzip on the root

I’ve had the same problem using Windows (7) to unzip. I skip the problem files… not a good idea, but I have yet to have a problem with something missing.

@ ransomhall - Ditto. Would be nice if the paths were shortened so this wasn’t necessary.

One option is to download it via the SVN.

I checked it out through SVN straight onto my desktop with no filename length issues. It also allows you to keep it up to date easier and to create patches.

It seems that using pkzip, unzipping on the root worked. Thanks to Gus for the suggestion.

I’ve run into this too. Even if you sync to the depot using TFS, the paths are sometimes truncated. I’ve found that if I use a very short local directory name ("\gt") I can get everything to sync.