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Gadgeteer Socket issues!


Hello guys,
i just decided to play with my Relay, received from SeeedStudio… so i plugged in the cable to the Socket on the Relay Module, then realized that i had plugged in the wrong end of the cable, if you look at your cable you will notice that the two ports are flipped so to make it stretch better i decided to remove it and plug in the other end, and while doing that i noticed the cable was a bit tight so i applied a little force to pull it out, and i heard a little crack, checked and everything seemed OK, plugged in my Module to realize that it doesn’t work, so i pressed with my finger and it worked…

the Problem ?

these sockets are very fragile, i mean why don’t they have legs soldered to the board to take away the force applied i mean come on guys this could have been built better and to make matters worse these boards are TWO layers, meaning i have no way of repairing the socket, while attempting to repair it i made it worst… >:( the little solder on the board came off , no i don’t even know what goes where … probably will need the schematics to revive this board… any links please.

DO you guys agree that these sockets should have TWO legs on the side to support higher pull force?

NOW i don’t even know how to repair this thing… any suggestions please… not even sure if i can even send it back which is not an option because that means a Month or more of a wait. this sucks…

please vote…


Added some picture of the board with the broken Socket

PS: i found the eagle files with the source so i can use that to hopefully repair this board but i still think that GHI and the whole Gadgeteer community need to find a better way to design these…


Oh no…


Sockets are not fragile. We have thousands of these out used by users and never seen this before.

Please contact Seeed immediately so they can check the source of this problem.


I sent an E-mail to seeedstudio and awaiting a reply.

Gus maybe my hands are not as soft as yours, but now that this happens I’m scared to unplug any of the cables.

ANYWAY, GUS is right this is a Quality issue, after what happened i decided to check the other modules i received from SeeedStudio and compare them to GHI Modules and i noticed a big difference…

SeedStudio Sockets: if i press on one of the corners of the socket they ROCK back and forth so if you do this three to four times it will break off…

GHI Modules: when i pressed on one of the corners of the socket, they were solid, no movements whatsoever… I’m kind of relieved…

SO GUS please do us all a favor since you guys have some of those modules coming your way please check the sockets by pressing on both corners one at a time and see if they ROCK…if they do please help get this fixed… unless you guys build the seedstudio modules using your own suppliers…

thank you.


I have already emailed seed about this :slight_smile:

Seeed is a good friend of GHI and we are planning for a long term cooperation so this will be taken care of. We carry all Seeed modules as you know :slight_smile:


Thank you GUS,

Yes i know you carry them now, but when i ordered them you guys didn’t have them at the time, so existing took over me and couldn’t wait… now I’m paying the price… LOL, nah i like SeedStudio…

well i hope they rectify the issue… soon because this could leave a bad test for most new users to Gadgeteer thinking the same think i was thinking at first that it was a design issue and not quality…



Note that this could be a “one board” problem. This one example doesn’t mean seeed modules have problem. It only means GHI and seeed need to look into this to improve.


Hi Gus,
i really wish that was the case, but in the modules that i have; here are the ones with the issue:

Current Module: Socket Rocks back and forth …
Accelerometer Module: Socket Rocks back and forth
Compass Module: Socket Rocks back and Forth.

Moisture Module: Socket is SOLID no movement…

i hope this is just a bad batch i’ve received…


Ok to save those that didn’t get damaged i HOT Clued the Sockets …now they seems to stay put, see attached picture.


hi, this is seeedstudio. sorry for the inconvenience of this problem. . we have looked for the reason to slove this problem. many thanks for your feedback and suggestions


Hi Seeed folks! Looking forward to checking out some of your gear - please send GHI more of it… (they’re out of stock)

Gus or somebody needs to fix you up with a special icon/avatar/picture!


It is up to seeed folks to use any avatar they like to use.


Hi Guys,
just wanted to give an update, i received a reply back from SeeedStudio, and they assured me that this is a one Board issue, which I’m inclined to believe because these things tend to happen, they offered me a replacement which is GREAT…

once i get my Replacement i will report back to how it looks compared to the previous ones.

Thank you GHI (GUS) and SeeedStudio for listening :wink:



It’s called the Bleeding Edge for a reason :slight_smile: