Gadgeteer Setup

I started with nothing and followed the following steps:
For Visual Studio 2012 users

  1. Installed Visual Studio 2012 (Windows Desktop, includes C# and Visual Basic)
  2. Installed .NET Micro Framework SDK 4.3 (RTM)
  3. Installed the latest NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 R1 or browse all packages
  4. Downloaded FEZ Config (Beta)
  5. Checked Devices Manager (picture attached)
  6. Ran FEZ Config and pinged ok and checked versions (picture attached)
  7. Formed Gadgeteer Diagram and ran Start (picture attached).
    I noted in Project --> Properties .NET Micro Framework 4.2 selected. If 4.3 selected the Toolbox loses its items.
    I would very much appreciate advice.

My only comment right now is that your note about 4.3 vs 4.2 in the project properties is by design. You need the netmf SDK 4.3, but none of the GHI devices support 4.3 so you need to create projects that are 4.2 projects (you can do that at the new project wizard stage, that is cleaner)

The final error you show is typical of a project that hasn’t figured out how to attach to the debugger on the running board. If that comes up you can go to the micro framework tab on the project properties page (as you looked at before, bottom tab on left side) and change the deployment method away from USB and change it to serial, then change it back to USB and make sure the G120 is selected.

hope that helps.

Thank you Brett. The switching from USB to serial to USB fixed the deployment problem. The Toolbox (using 4.2) has become empty. Is that normal?

no it is not normal :slight_smile:

The only time I can get the toolbox to be empty is when I have selected 4.3 as my target framework. If I change it back to 4.2 (and save like it tells you to) then the toolbox items repopulate.

Thanks Brett. The Target Framework is still 4.2. Perhaps I need to start again and select 4.2 at the new project stage. Is that the same screen as selecting gadgeteering?

The same thing should happen if you switch frameworks correctly, but lets try a new project.

This is my new project wizard selection box - select the Gadgeteer templates from the left pane, then the 4.2 template in the centre.

Yes! I previously selected the bottom item! Thank you Brett.

awesome !