Gadgeteer robot


Justin talked me into showing my all-Gadgeteer based robot to the community. So here it is:

A presentation:

And a pan around Robo (I didn’t make up the name, my daughter did):

I hadn’t thought of showing it because it’s far, far from done. Alas my spider mainboard passed away and so it’ll have to wait until next year before I work on it some more. The intention is/was to have it help me out with home automation stuff.

One of the key modules is Justin’s servoTidy-module. And, not being paid to say this :-), I’ll say it’s truly the module I’ve been waiting for in order to hook up my servos. Check out the image of the module with its pre-soldered headers and power-in - just perfect for those of us who’re crap at soldering. So cudos to Justin for that!


Wow!!! That is some serious Gadgeteering!

Nice workshop too!

Nice looking bot! I’ve been thinking of building one in that style. Which tracks are those? Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing more progress.


it’s the tri-track tracks from LynxMotion. They’re sturdy but the default motors are noisy as heck, I’ll have to replace them at some point.

The frame is simply polymer I cut lines into, and bent into shape & glued together again. Sturdy enough, too.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing it

I was wanting to build a Wally robot as well!

Awesome! Here it is in community showcase

I hope you do not mind that I modified your youtube links to show the video right on the page.


not much to it yet so not sure it’s proper community showcase-worthy stuff, so down into the basement I go to improve it tonight!

Did you go with their Tri-Track Chassis Kit or did you just buy the tracks and build your own chassis?

I opted for the kit. Its a good way to get a head start. Modelled the body in sketchup and cut some polymer. its sturdy enough, but later ill make an in side structure to hold the components, theyre just thrown inside for now.

Wow, that’s amazing. Send me some dimensions and I’ll make you some mounting boards / structural components on the house! steve at devonboard dot com

BTW, are you a member of the Wall-E Builders group on Yahoo Groups?

That’s exceptionally kind! I’ll certainly do that when the family releases from Xmas-duties! Thanks a lot. Also for the yahoo group link, I wasn’t aware of it.