Gadgeteer returns to DotNetRocks!

Got my first chance to geek out with Carl and Richard on DotNetRocks, and it was about .NET Gadgeteer.

Carl found out about my IR module, and wanted to do another show on the topic, covering some of the projects that I and others have worked on, as well as the many, many available modules, and the general state of Gadgeteer. Fun discussion, and I suspect many of my fellow Gadgeteers will enjoy the show.

Would love to hear everyone’s feedback.

And thanks to Gus and crew for giving us such fun toys to talk about. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great talk. I enjoyed every second of it.

That was good.

Great job, Andrew!

Indeed, great listen.

Love the comment “this guy called Justin, who is the module maniac”



@ Dave McLaughlin - LOL!

What can I say, I call em like I see em. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the kind words, everyone!