Gadgeteer perf board

I am looking for Gadgeteer specific perf board with the 3.2mm holes spaced at a multiple of 5.0mm as defined in the NET Gadgeteer Module Builder’s Guide.
I have been drilling out .100 spaced perf board to mount my modules but prefer Gadgeteer specific perf board if it exists. Anybody know of any?

This one? :slight_smile:

Exactly. Thanks. So is this a product yet or still under development?

still studying options

and in the meantime, Tamiya universal plates like at Pololu Pololu - Tamiya 70172 Universal Plate L (210x160mm) make great mounting baseboards

Thanks for the tip. This will get me started.

Don’t worry Gus. I will be buying plates from you if/when you get them.
So many possibilities, Gadgeteer plates, Gadgeteer chassis, Gadgeteer power supplies … Anxiously waiting to see what you end up with.