Gadgeteer OTA updater

Hello people!

We are developing an device that at this point, needs an UpdateManager.

We need to be able to push updates to the whole managed application over the network. So, in case of FEZHydra and FEZSpider, is there any way to do it?


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If you mean “in field update” then yes this is part of the premium offers so it is available on Spider (EMX).

Speaking of IFU. Will the 4.2 MS NETMF updater be available on Hydra when it eventually gets the 4.2 bump?

Thanks you Gus for quick response but, where do I get this premium library? Where are the samples also?


It’s included in the Spider SDK.

Thanks! just found it:

Is there any sample?

Check the sample code for this project:

Thanks ian but, there are a lot of lowlevel code handling hex, bootloader etc… I was waiting for something more “managed”, like for sample:

  1. Have an WCF webservice hosting the update files for the managed application…
  2. The device check on the webservice if is there and update, if yes, download and flash it to the board(how to flash it?)
  3. reboot device to reload the application that was just updated.

Pyxis 2 source code is a great reference for that.