Gadgeteer Modules with Raspberry Pi

I wonder if GHI has ever thought about making their modules without the sockets and use regular pins. I’ve been playing around with a bunch of modules and its pretty easy to get them to work with Window IoT Core and the Raspberry Pi (tonight I got the RFID Module working for example). Sure the Pi is weak on interfaces, but cost wise I’m able to use a bunch of Pi’s for teaching IoT devices (like I did before with Gadgeteer), and the GHI modules are just nice circuits to use in my classes.

Maybe even a socket to pin adapter would be a cool thing to make and sell (ie something that plugs into the socket and then allows you to plug pins into it). Right now I’m just using extender modules that I solder pins onto.

I think there is (or was?) a raspberry-shield with Gadgeteer-connectors :thinking:.

I found it :slight_smile::

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And I’ve got a FEZ Cream, but I’m thinking of something like an socket plug that would have female header on top for the pins the module uses so I could go from a Raspberry Pi or breadboard to the module. I’ve got a couple of crates of Gadgeteer Modules and they are well built circuits that I’d like to use with other platforms like the Raspberry Pi.

So this: with a plug instead of a socket? :thinking:
Maybe Gus (or another nice guy a GHI :smiley:) sends you a stack of empty PCBs on that you can solder some plugs (these e.g. and print a small paper-label onto the adapter, so you know which pin is for what :slight_smile:.