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Gadgeteer macro in vs2010


When I create a new gadgeteer project, default the hydra main board is selected (I have the spider) .

  1. Is it possible to change the default to insert the spider. ( or Cerberus once it’s added) ?
  2. can I make a macro to (by default) add some components… I Usually add the T35 , dp client, mc LEDs and 2buttons for most any new project , and I tried to copy the created . Cs file, but that doesn’t seem to work.


As far as the default mainboard that shows up when you create a new project, with the new Gadgeteer Core and GHI SDKs, , whatever mainboard you used last will show up as the default mainboard in a new project. Awesome feature in my opinion. You can find a beta SDK and instruction here:

For the macro, I’m not sure how you would do that, as the generated cs file is created according to what is in the diagram, so if you modify the diagram, the generated cs file will be overwritten.


ok THANKS for the reaction, This feature of remembering the last board is nice I’ll switch to the latest SDK …

but is it not possible to copy my standard setup ( configuratoin somehow ?)


i think you need to search for how to create a template in VS2010, and create your own…


Yep. Thanks… that did the trick…
I now created a basic configuration with all the common connections as i have it in my FEZ-IKEA box and also some initialisation such as led GreenBlueSwapped, some basic functions to write to the T35 , the Font Declaration and some more…
now i can just create a new project and start with all these boring things done…
deleting excess is quicker than entering the same stuff over and over…
thanks for pointing me to the correct terminoligy. i was staring blind on macro…did’nt think to search for template…

Regards Bert


This would be a good thing to share on Codeshare or wiki. :smiley: