Gadgeteer line follower/detector

The Wifi robot is coming together (don’t worry, I’ll post the details soon) and it’s looking like I may do a lunch-and-learn session on Gadgeteer at some point in the future. If I do this I’d like to come up with another, smaller, very easy to make vehicle as a more approachable demo. Line followers are a popular basic robot type and I was thinking of doing either a follower or something that reacts to a “wall” marked on a table with masking tape by going a different direction. There’s plenty of these in Arduino and I’ve seen a couple of people jerry-rig something with a Panda, but no mention of Gadgeteer line followers that I could find and none of the sensors seem suited for this. Anyone know if this is possible without building a totally custom sensor from scratch?

Just about any of the sensors used in the Arduino projects could be connected to an Extender module and used. You would just need to port the driver code. However, if you are really crafty and wanted to stick to what is currently available in pure Gadgeteer modules I bet you could manage it using LED7R + LightSense modules.

I might try that, worst case there’s a couple of other lightsense based vehicle designs floating around and I could try that. I’m going strictly off-the-shelf for this one.

Good luck! Be sure and post a video once you have it working.