Gadgeteer LCD5 is up on Turnkey website

I just posted the 5" LCD for Gadgeteer on the website.

The image is the old one. I forgot to upload the new one by mistake.

Here is the new one.


The very first customer project. Awesome.

I think you can modify the image still

Thanks Gus, I thought that once it was posted it was fixed but I just updated although after I hit modify there was a bunch of SQL errors but it had updated when I checked it.

When you click on the quote button, what does this price include as I have a bunch of non-stock parts so I assume the price is to make the board without these included?

An option to get a revised price with parts supplied would be good. Even you sourcing the parts from the likes of Digikey would be cheaper than me sending them, even if you have to purchase more than is needed to build the boards.

The quote also needs a little more detail. Is this per-board cost, or total for 4x boards to be made? And the 10+ etc prices also need the same clarity (and Iā€™d make sure that you use the pricing consistently so as not to confuse)