Gadgeteer LCD 4.3

Taking queue from the 7" version of the LCD, I have created a PCB design for the 4.3 Newhaven display, the high brightness one.

Once the Chinese New Year is finished I will get this manufactured and tested but as it is based on the 7" design it should just work :slight_smile:

Unlike the 7" version, I’ve done away with the FPC connector this time and this is only based on the Gadgeteer sockets. I had considered the new GHI 40 pin connector for this design but as GHI cover this and all my existing modules are socket based, I have only selected those.

The display this time requires 5V (backlight) and 3.3V (LCD) for normal use if you will power from any Gadgeteer board. I have a link to make it selectible for 3.3V, only if your main board can support the current. Needs around 310mA for the backlight at 3.3V.

The mounting holes are on an 80 x 90mm grid.

As with the 7" version, this will be open source. :slight_smile:



Is the 7" board something you sell? I’m using the Display NHVN Module with a 7" NH Display and it really isn’t suited for use with this display if one wants to center the PCB. Also, I’ve noticed the Display NHVN Module doesn’t drive the backlight of the display very bright. I would like to brighten up the display a bit more.



Hi Court,

How many do you need? I can probably help you with 1 board. Drop me a PM with your details and location and I’ll get prices for shipping it.
I swapped out the driver IC for the backlight and using the high brightness LCD’s they are really nice and bright now.

The backlight driver on the NVH board should be able to drive the LED to max current as the design they use is capable of 40V at 400mA.

What is the model of the 7" LCD you are using? One of the ones on the website, the NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXL#-CTP is only 230 cd/m2 so this will look quite dull even at full drive to the LED backlight. The NHD-7.0-800480EF-ASXN#-CTP on the other hand is 830 cd/m2 so way brighter.


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