Gadgeteer is going to die

… Is what some people thought. We have hired this reaper to take care of some business!


Now that’s a great tease!

Clearly this calls for some Blue Oyster Cult! [url]- YouTube


@ Gus - you got me rather worked up there for a second, better send me some of those reaper boards to calm me down :slight_smile:


Boy I hope when I get mine it isn’t DOA. smirk

Quite a big one… Is RPI2 based?

@ Gus - do tell more…

Very tempting… what is a production date?

So it says Fez Reaper, not G blah blah blah, which means its part of the legacy of panda. Given the comment “… is what some people think”, this means it has Gadgeteer sockets on it. This is a populated board, since there is a drop shadow around it; it’s not laying flat on the paper on the table. This means it’s coming within a month or so once they test everything. The board does not appear to be leaning so if it has Gadgeteer sockets, it’s sitting on them evenly. This board looks like 4 inches by 2.5 inches. This can’t be a single board computer because the power plug is missing. Also, GHI releases modules on black boards, Fezes on red and everything else on blue. Is this a module?

Opps there goes my brain. Time to stop thinking about it.

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I thought we already knew what it is going to be…

You weren’t supposed to spoil the surprise! :naughty:

Ahhh, I guess Cerberus will be killed first with this. Kind of ironic :slight_smile:

So…G80 page doesn’t list SSL support…just want to confirm…will SSL be possible or no with G80-based boards?

@ Squeebee - I have that album. Wasn’t it ME-109?

So why is it called Fez then?

@ devhammer - SSL is not currently supported.

OK. Thanks for the follow-up, John!

Will it run Windows 10, or is the idea that Gadgeteer remains a sensor-heaven using i.e. RPI2 as a gateway much like “connect the dots” proposes?

Will the Reaper run Win10 ? No.

@ digitaldias - .NetMF/Gadgeteer is listed in Connected The Dots as a directly connected device, no gateway needed for Gadgeteer. I just did an update to the NetMF/Gadgeteer code for Connect The Dots and show three ways to connect Gadgeteer devices directly to Azure, EtherNet, WiFi and Cellular Once the code is up on the Connect The Dots site, I’ll do a brief video etc for it.

When I teach Hands on IoT Dev Camps, I always use Gadgeteer devices as then I don’t need a gateway nor need to waste time building two devices (some guys tried teaching the camp using a Pi and a Galileo, needless to say that didn’t turn out so well).