Gadgeteer.Interfaces.Serial internal read buffer size

What is the size of Gadgeteer.Interfaces.Serial internal read buffer?

Can I ask, why do you care?

And I actually am not sure there’s any buffer besides anything netmf and the hardware give.

@ pgierasi -
Hi, I hope this is the information you want to have:
This is buffer in NETMF, 256 for TX 1024 for RX

For the open source Firmware the serial buffer sizes are
Cerberus : TX - 256 bytes, RX - 1024
Hydra : TX - 4096, RX - 4096

For the Premium firmware I am not sure.

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@ taylorza, are those in NETMF or in Gadgeteer? Assuming netmf since they are different for the different platforms…

@ Brett - That is correct, the .NETMF serial drivers provide the buffering. To be more correct, the buffering is implemented in the PAL, each port just defines PLATFORM_DEPENDENT_TX_USART_BUFFER_SIZE and PLATFORM_DEPENDENT_RX_USART_BUFFER_SIZE if they want anything other than the default 512 byte buffer size.

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