Gadgeteer.Interfaces.AnalogOutput in 4.3

i have updated my solution from NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 R3
to NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R5…
Now i have a problems whit AnalogOutput. there isn’t namespace Gadgeteer.Interfaces…
And the class Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.AnalogOutput don’t have same metodos like, maxvalue etc…
Where i wrong?

Hmm… I don’t remember of any maxvalue methods in that class.

May be you can show your user code that stopped working after the upgrade, so we can figure out how to resolve it.

Ho allegato la foto dell object viewer.Can I get a class that inherits from AnalogOut and I implement the old ways …
I have attached the photo of the object viewer.
not even find the cards realayISOx16 … I can not find the display module t35 but I suppose is fine that of TE35.

@ Valkyrie - AnalogOutput is in the Gadgeteer.SocketInterfaces namespace now. You can create it directly. You will need to use AnalogOutputFactory.Create static method.

Technically you can wrap around all that in your own implementation and add any “missing” methods.

I would just determine where on the scale of 0 to 1 are the required min and max values are and use these values with WriteProportion method. The absolute values are from 0 to 3.3V.

Thanks! tonight I will have fun with it