Gadgeteer headers for sale?

Does anyone know where I can get the 10 pin Gadgeteer compatible headers? Preferably through hole.

Thanks in advance!

By connector, I’m assuming you mean the Gadgeteer socket?

One source is Through-hole part number should be SHF-105-01-L-D-TH. I use the surface-mount connectors, which are part number SHF-105-01-L-D-SM. Might be worth calling them to double-check, though, since the image for the TH part still shows the surface mount configuration.

One other thing to note…Samtec offers free samples, which can be a good way of ensuring you’ve got the right part.

GHI used to sell the sockets, but I don’t see them in the catalog any more.

They aren’t through-hole, but Ive used these:

29 cents each.

I’m pretty sure sells them too.

Here are TH:

I believe they are made by FCI. We buy SMD sockets from them, but I don’t have part numbers right now.

@ wbsimms - I was able to confirm that SHF-105-01-L-D-TH is the Samtec part number for the TH version of the socket. As it happens I have a handful that I got as samples when I was working on my IR module.

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See the post previous to yours :smiley:

Tip of the day. Get Samtec to send you a batch of 10 samples of both the TH and the SMD variants.

Thanks everyone for the help!