Gadgeteer Header Terminal Block to remove cable length (Reduce Stray Inductance)

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Problem Description:
[em]I need to remove the length of the Gadgeteer Connector Cables from my circuit. I have a project that requires High Speed and the stray inductance appears to be an issue.[/em]

I wonder about a Gadgeteer Header Terminal Block, a similar product to this but with a different Header Terminal, a Male Terminal instead of a Female Terminal.


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Samtec do female headers that would do what you need.

Thanks Dave,

I had a look and lots of 2 x 5 but cant see 1.27mm most are 2mm or above?



As Dave said, samtec do them, i have some 6 pin ones and i have used 10 pin ones in the past…

Thanks Guys, it was a good bit of info there!

I got these in the end: Proto Advantage - Dual Row 1.27mm Pitch 10-Pin Female Header to DIP-10 Adapter

Perfect! Exactly what I was after!



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Thank You RobvanSchelven! +1

They are even better than I ordered! I will get a bunch of these next time!

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YW…Ideal for some solutions but there is no mechanical fixing from the housing. Those connectors are meant for board to board solutions, i guess. Fixing just comes from the connector pins.