Gadgeteer for VS 2015 (Q)

Does anybody, anyone has news about Gadgeteer support for 2015 ?

… and where is Pete with that gadgeteer open source stuff ?

… did I miss some, or am I just too optimistic after yesterdays news …

Nothing public yet

@ Gus - can you give more details if we go insider ?


Yea he said nothing public yet. Gus doesn’t want his competitors to know when.

Going to insiders doesn’t allow me to breach other NDAs we nave with other companies :slight_smile:

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Listen to Captain Jack Sparrow…


@ Mr. John Smith - Gus has competitors?

@ godefroi - we do, you sound surprised.

@ Gary - They (some competitors) might be looking down to Gus, but surely they can’t fill his shoes’ any day soon, if at all …

@ Andre - Just fishing for news here, after the ‘silence’ in this area … but yeah, we’ve always got plain netmf …

Just a quick reminder that there are more people involved at GHI than just Gus… :whistle:

@ Gary - In the Gadgeteer space?

@ godefroi - Grove System - Seeed Wiki,, competitors to Gadgeteer and the ecosystem.

@ Gary - I don’t think you need to worry about BBG getting VS2015 support before Gadgeteer…

Speaking of BBB… Did you see this new monster?

My thoughts exactly. Would make a nice Windows Home Server…if there still was such a thing :’(

Yea at that price I might as well buy an actual intel motherboard.

@ ianlee74 - I’ve been buying HP t5742 thin clients from the local uni surplus for $2 each. They have:
[ul]Atom N280 1.6 GHz
2GB RAM in a SODIMM (and an empty socket, 4GB max)
2GB flash module in a 44-pin IDE socket
Gigabit Ethernet
Something like 9 USB ports, 2 of which are internal
PCIe port (needs a $15 expansion chassis to use)
mini-PCIe socket[/ul]

Given that kind of hardware/cost ratio, even a Raspberry Pi looks like a horrible value :slight_smile:

And for that matter, they’re currently selling off the Core 2 Duo e8400 machines for $50, and they come with 4GB RAM (though no hard drives), in either small form factor or mini-tower. This thing seems like a poor value.

Wow. That’s crazy. I’d be tempted to stack a hundred of them together (for the same price as the Beaglebone product…) and build a little super computer.