Gadgeteer Fingerprint Scanner

As promised (if not 2 days late) here’s the video for Versa Module’s NanoVMF

You can grab one for $62 here: or


Good job! Nice module!

Does this classify as a Creation?

I don’t think so since Versa Module is commercial.

Nice demo! Can you show a better shot of the fingerprint image it creates? I’m really wanting one of these…

Would it work behind plexiglass or do you have to put your finger directly on it? For example, if you needed to waterproof it in an enclosure.

I’m not sure. I could always give it a try.

The image turns out very nicely, bummed it didn’t show well on the video. I’ll try and snap a pic at some point.

@ ianlee74,

It will not work behind plexiglass. I have taken one of these apart because i am just to curious. Under the scanner is a ring of blue leds and a camera. The white material on the top of the scanner is very different from anything i have seen before. When you press your finger on the top side the bottom only shows your fingerprint groves. The blue leds are used to illuminate this area for the camera, and it takes the shot.

Pending Skewworks photo of his board, here a screen shot of ours from my web page interface. Working on making the layout better for the LCD.

@ VersaModule - Thanks for the info. That’s too bad. This would really be fun to secure the garage door but still allow the kids to come in using the “spy lock”. Have you tried using something as thin as Saran Wrap between your finger and the sensor?

@ ianlee74,

I just tried Saran Wrap, out of many presses it only detected one and would not confirm the ID.

I think what may be another way is to use some GE clear silicone, and do two things.

#1) using a small, flat, plastic object, put a verysmall bead where the bezel and the white material meet.

#2) also silicone the bezel to your enclosure.

This may sound tacky but the only thing i can think of now. One could also place a wireless serial module behind this module so as to make the total enclosure very small. Then just run power to it, and have the brains somewhere else in the house.

edit…I just though of this, you could possibly use a outdoor weather box. where they lift a lid to get to it. very much like the kind for outdoor outlets. Here is something else i found doing a quick search, but looks kinds large. You gave me an idea now to do the same thing to my house. Chuck the garage keypad and put a scanner there.

@ VersaModule - Yea, that’s what I was thinking. Of course, another option is to just put it behind a waterproof door.

Thanks for the photo. Very nice.

@ ianlee74, yes, you beat me to the punch on that i was just adding that to my previous post.

@ Skewworks -

Very nice project and presentation!

I do wonder if you EVER sleep?

I have a woman, 2 kids and a mortgage…what do you think? :wink:

I bet the guy from “Sister Wives” would think you get 12 hours of sleep a night :wink: