Gadgeteer DuinoProto Boarduino

You may be looking at the first Arduino to ever be powered by a Gadgeteer! A Boarduino (clone from Adafruit) mounted on a DuinoProto and powered by the Spider.

What for? Top secret project, so don’t ask :slight_smile:

A close up…

Love seeing FEZ going into sweet projects.

Do you know what cool project would be?
.NET Gadgeteer FEZ Spider that communicate and controlling an Arduino through UART and it has the ability to reflash Arduino with different programs. It becomes like a multi processor system.

Another idea is to make a program for arduino that let it be chainable with .NET Gadgeteer Daisylink modules.

That’s my eventual goal. This board will let me prototype all kinds of good stuff. I believe Architect is working on an AVR programmer (he posted a picture here somewhere).

The DaisyLink idea is a good one, too.

@ ransomhall

Off-topic: How do you like that PCB holder? I have one, but I wish it would rotate 180 degrees easily so I could flip boards over without removing them. I haven’t found anything that has it all, though.

You can see mine in the background of this pic I posted today on cnczone.

(the board loaded in it is a Thomas Henry design modular synth XR2206-based VCO)

It’s great. I use it primarily for holding my gadgeteer mount and occasionally for scavenging parts off defunct stuff like motherboards. I generally don’t put together big boards (yet!). I also have a Jr. head, which is what I use most of the time. It’s easy to quickly rotate. Model #203–eqskudatarq=24

The Panavise is a huge upgrade from the third hand I had previously. It reminded me how important having the right tools is.

BTW - This was my first surface mount solder, as well. You’ll notice the pad on the right is a bit scorched from my first (failed) attempt :slight_smile:

Looks like fun. BTW, my Boarduino showed up today. It’s purpose will be to host DaisyLink (in my top secret project :wink:

ransom, how did you connect the Extender to the Boarduino? I have the USB version and there’s no VIN. I’ve tried connecting the +5V from the Extender to the VCC but it doesn’t do anything.

That looks like a sweet project!
Which arduino clone are you using?

@ ianlee74 - I got the DC (not USB) version of the Boarduino, which has 2 ways of getting power. There’s a jumper selectable barrel jack connector. I use the FTDI header for power since the Boarduino is listening for serial data from the Spider.

@ Robert - Adafruit makes the Boarduino in two flavors. It is designed for use on a breadboard, and also fits nicely on the DuinoProto. I’ve got a bunch of Arduino sketches running various things that I have yet to port to NETMF. This setup lets me use them with the Spider as a serial “coprocessor”. Of course, Arduino (and maybe some NETMF) purists would find this idea re-volt-ing :smiley:

:frowning: Looks like I should have paid closer attention when comparing the two.

If you used the chip socket, you can just pop the chip out and use it on another DuinoProto. A bare bones Arduino-like circuit is not much more than the chip, capacitor, resistor, and possibly a crystal. Replacement chips (328P) are only $6 w/bootloader If you assume the Spider provides regulated power, and you program the chip on your boarduino, all the other components are not needed.

As an aside - This chip is obviously overkill for doing a PWM piezo, however I’ve thought it would be fun to make the module design flexible enough so a motivated user could turn it into a fully functional arduino clone with a little effort.

Barebones is eventually where I’m going but was hoping to test some things using the Boarduino using a single connection before removing the chip.

You’re not thinking big enough! :wink:

I just got a reply from adafruit support on how to do this. For the USB version, you connect +5V to VCC & ground to ground. In my test earlier I had failed to connect the grounds :-[

Maybe a little too much holiday cheer before tinkering in the workshop? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t everyone have a margarita machine in their workshop?

It is on my wish list