Gadgeteer Documentation?

I have loaded the Gadgeteer SDK and have been searching for the library(s) documentation.

Anyone found it?

“Getting started” guide?

I found that… I was looking for the class library documentation. :smiley:

I want to read the manual!

Visual studio Object Browser shows inline documentation well enough. I guess we will see more organized help in the future. After all this is beta SDK :wink:

More to come guys, this is very new and there are a lot of things to come yet. Now, we need to make sure the SDK is good for everyone.

…working on it :slight_smile:

Finally the light came on… I had downloaded a copy of the Gadgeteer SDK from Microsoft. It contains all of the code, and within the code is the metadata used to generate the documentation.

I can get what I need from the code files for now.

@ Mike - Did you use Sandcastle or something similar to generate a CHM file or a webpages? If so, can you post it on the wiki? Thx.

BTW - should have SpiderWeb in hand Monday.

@ ransom

I did not generate the documentation. I have been looking at the code.

I have learned a lot by reviewing the code. The Gadgeteer libraries have added a new layer of functionality to MF development. A lot of code which we used have to include is now done for us.

The development paradigm seems to have changed. An eventing model is used.

For example, to start an Ethnernet interface, a UseDhcp() method is called on the Ethernet module reference, and a NetworkUp event occurs when the address is obtained.

A similar process occurs with the SD card. When a card is inserted, all the work to mount the file system is done behind the scenes, and an event occurs. When the card is removed, the file system is unmounted, and an event occurs.

The Gadgeteer is really cool with the Sdk!

hello, i just wanted to say, that its been… 3 years since this post, and i think the situation with class documentation is still the same… if you dont go to the code itself… you basically have none!

I think a set of documents would REALLY improve the penetration of the project!

While I don’t disagree that some additional documentation might be helpful, a great way to learn about the mainboards and modules you are using is to open up the Gadgeteer visual design surface, and select a mainboard or module and press the F1 key. That will open up docs specific to the available properties, methods, and events for that mainboard or module.


Hey @ devhammer.

i dont know why i didnt get a notification of this answer, but THANKS A LOT, i didnt know about this trick, and it really has a lot of helpful info!

At the bottom of the page is a “watched” checkbox. Check it for notifications.

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

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