Gadgeteer Daisy Chaining Project (Request for help)

Hello everyone,
I am an Electrical and Computer Engineering student of the University of the West Indies. I am currently doing a project where I have to update a robotics kit that is based on a Gadgeteer Ceberus board to allow it to have Daisy Chaining functionality. I have done research on the DaisyLink Protocol which allows for Daisy Chaining on Gadgeteer devices and I am still getting familiar with it. I know that some of the information pertaining to it is here and also on the old website. I am currently still digging through all of the info on the old and new websites to see what is still available. Some of the links on these pages are no longer there. If anyone with expertise in this area is willing to help I would greatly appreciate it. The project is a year long project so I will be working on it for a while. I can attach the project outline if anyone is interested in the details of the project. Thank you so much for your time.

The daisy link protocol is very basic and only worked in specific scenarios. What are you trying to connect? Maybe there are better options.

Only basic peripherals. Initially an LED, then if I get through with it then an analogue light sensor and an ultra sonic sensor. I know that a Multi-color LED already exists however for the project I have to create my own LED circuit that is DaisyLink compatible.
I have not gotten the Multi-color LED to work via DaisyLink as yet. If you have any documentation or can link me to a tutorial on how to use the DaisyLink protocol in code I would really appreciate it.

the daisy link only worked with the multicolor LED. None of the other modules used it, IIRC. Maybe you are thinking all modules used that protocol?

By the way, there has been a community effort to bring TinyCLR gadgeteer. Take a look Download Nuget Packages for some Modules

Thank you. I know only the Multi-color LED used it. Currently I am still learning how to program more than one of those LEDs in a Daisy Chain using a Ceberus Board. For my project I have to create other modules that can work with the DaisyLink protocol. Attached to this post is the description of the project so you can get a better understanding of what I have to to. Thank you again so much for your time.

Here is the second page of the project description

I understand now. It is a bit of challenge for someone new to use Gadgeteer since the project was discounted by Microsoft years ago and GHI Electronics no longer offers any gadgeteer hardware.

This is all the material and docs we have for Gadgeteer .NET Gadgeteer Intro

Thank you again. Yes I know it is a bit of a challenge but I am up for it. I will try my best to see if I can get through with the project and post my findings here, hopefully it will help someone else in the future.

Seems a tad overkill to use daisychain unless that is the educational goal…

yes, I think that is exactly the goal… do a project for uni so you get a pass mark or better :slight_smile:

Here’s a kickstart. An IO driver for DL40. and

@Brett - my my we are a little feisty this morning - i was talking about learning Daisylink rather than just using traditional code…

hadn’t had the first coffee yet - and you know how important coffee is to me :wink:

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Well the goal is to allow the robotics kit to use more peripherals at the same time even though it has a limited number of ports.

Thank you so much for the help @Brett. I will take a look into it right after I learn how to program the Multi-color LED.

It might be worth your while looking at @taylorza’s code sooner rather than later, as he is usually pretty good at documenting things, and it might well help you figure out the protocol to help debug your multi-color LED too…

Thank you for your help. I am not 100% sure but based on my initial look through at @taylorza’s code it seems to be more focused on setting up a DaisyLink module. I will have to do this eventually (starting from next week actaully). But my goal for this week is just to program the already made Multi-color LED to work in a chain. I will attach a picture to clarify what I mean.

I got through with programming the Multi-color LEDs. It was pretty simple to be honest. Thank you all for your help again.
I misinterpreted the project. I have to update the GadgetBox so that it can be compatible with Daisy Chaining. Therefore I don’t have to use the DaisyLink protocol, I can use I2C or any other communication protocol. I am trying to stay away from using a processor though so I might not use the DaisyLink protocol. If you all have any suggestions please free to post them.

Hi, here is another link how to program the DL40 Module:

Thank you so much for your help! I most likely would not use the DaisyLink protocol to implement Daisy Chaining but I still have to build a test circuit using it.

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I just realized that what you said about better ways to implementing Daisy Chaining is what I probably have to do so thank you. Currently I am investigating I2C and One Wire protocols (maybe SPI as well) to implement Daisy Chaining on a Gadgeteer device. Any info you or anyone else has on this would be greatly appreciated. I will continue to do my own research though. The help you gave so far is greatly appreciated. Thank you!