Gadgeteer Class = Full Class

Lately I’ve been running a Gadgeteer class per week, last month I finished up teaching PWM control of DC Motors and this month the class is on PID Controllers and every week its a full class so there must be some interest in this. Next month I’ll cover Servo and Stepper Motors, then its off to the lake to think about what I would like to teach in the fall. Next PID Controller classes on the 14th, 20th and 27th. I see in one of those photos they got my good side :slight_smile:


What are the Steam Gift cards for?

Sales display in the MS store, is my guess.

Oh you found out my secret for getting full classes. A Xbox One Elite Bundle and Steam Gift card for attending and ask questions and look interested in the material for the photos and we toss in a Seagate 2TB Xbox Game Drive :slight_smile:

Really its just a sales display off to the side of the classroom space.

And this was the last class of the PID Controllers (we had some folks come late so it was another full class), now onto Servo and Stepper motors. Note my Windows Phone running my PowerPoint through a Display Dock.

Still packing them in as we cover using Servo and Stepper Motors and now the Microsoft Store is wondering what they are going to do without their weekly Gadgeteer class as I’ve only got two more classes to teach before I break for the summer and I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to teach in the fall.


Epic LIKE!