Gadgeteer builder templates

Ive just decided to write a new driver for a module. I installed the builder templates to go along with the gadgeteer core I have 2.43.800 created a new module project etc but…
for some reason VS2012 moans that the referenced projects are targeted to a different framework family (.NETMicroFramework)
For some reason the project is set to .NET Framework 4 and i cant change it. If i look at
I never had this problem with VS2010 :slight_smile:
Anyone seen this before??

Cheers HughB

Interesting. It seems this line doesnt get added to the module csproj file…

<!--Identify this as a MicroFramework, CSharp project-->

Also you have to add this as well

<NetMfTargetsBaseDir Condition="'$(NetMfTargetsBaseDir)'==''">$(MSBuildExtensionsPath32)\Microsoft\.NET Micro Framework\</NetMfTargetsBaseDir>