Gadgeteer blog - our own Justin's module

Now I’ve been on holidays, but I don’t remember seeing this get posted before. Even if it was, it’s good to have too many threads to read !

We only had post from Justin where he mentioned the event and posted some photos.

The young man seems to have been quiet the last week too?

@ Brett - Extremely busy with the day job - so no time for play :frowning:

Sigh. He got us hooked on “new module Friday” only to pull the rug from us…

(yeah I know the feeling about the day job - same same at the moment !)

@ Justin - not a good excuse :slight_smile: we need more…more

I could swear I posted that on his original post about the event… I guess I only Tweeted it.

Yep, no excuses Justin. You can’t create a bunch of LED junkies then stop selling the crack… :wink:

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Also made Channel9 Shows | Microsoft Learn

Way to go, Justin!

Cool :slight_smile:

Can you imagine the module sales !! Oh that’s right. If only you had a web store. :wink:

My lunch breaks are not long enough as it is :smiley:

Justin’s modules are like Birkin handbags.

@ Mike - lol - i bit and Googled…very clever :smiley:

That was a B not an M, lucky !

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@ Brett - I am ashamed to say I understand your comment! :slight_smile: