Gadgeteer based 5" Capacitive LCD

I finally got around to making and building a Gadgeteer connected 5" LCD with capacitive touch. The LCD is a high brightness unit and looks great run from either the G120 (use the RAM overclocking to get a speed boost on the graphics - Thanks again Simon) or G400.

It has the standard Gadgeteer Sockets on it and like the CP7, uses I2C for the touch interface.

I’ve tested it with a G400 and in the picture below, the touch is connected to socket 7.

No drivers for it as yet as I still need to work out how to do this and support each platform that can use it. Thanks of course go to Simon from Vilnius for the touch driver. I had to use the software I2C driver for the G400 as there is a timing issue with the hardware driver. For the G120, hardware works fine. This will make drivers a bit of work. They have both been written to take a shared I2C device to allow multiple devices to share the same bus and driver)

I’ll document all of the setup and point to the code for the LCD on my website.

If you’re handy with coding and dealing with these issues and interested in the display, drop a note here as I want to get an idea of numbers before I commit this to Creations and my website. :slight_smile:


Nice work indeed! ;D

Like !

What would be the intended street price for this nice piece of work?

Hi Reinhard,

Assuming I don’t get stung on customs imports on the display, as I normally do, I would be aiming at around $150 with the LCD fitted and tested.

I will also offer it as a PCB only option so you can source your own Newhaven displays and that will be around $40.

Last time I have imported devices from GHI to Germany, the customs guy asked me what kind of electronics it is.
I said it’s not really consumer electronics, …, and asked which categories they have.
He said high power electronics … no, … bal bla …
Then he said low power transistors, and I , yes that should fit.
Then he said: oh good, that’s only tax then, low power transistors have no extra customs fee :smiley:

One more thing:
Would you also “sell” OEM licenses, so we could build the PCB for commercial use in our devices on our own?
We wouldn’t sell the display module on it’s own. (except as spare part may be)

Ha ha. Try dealing with Indonesian customs then.

LCD’s are 5% duty, then add 10% VAT and then there is 7.5% Income tax on the total. Yeah, they charge INCOME TAX on imports. This goes up to 15% for those without a TAX number. As a company I can claim the VAT and INCOME tax back but when I import for myself, no ca do.

Electronic components here are 0% duty.

The biggest issue is that they never apply the same rate to the same item. I got hit 20% on a total shipment of electronics once because the company sending me the goods was kind enough to add a FREE catalogue in with the shipment and those are 20% duty. Even though I explained that the catalogue was free they still made me pay on the total shipment (over $2000’s worth) Needless to say I lost a chunk of profit on the sales that time. :frowning:

Sure. I’d be happy to sort that out.

Good to hear, might be a nice option for a potential future product (not high in numbers most likely, may be even only one at the beginning). Originally I wanted to use T43, but capacitive touch would really be grate.

Here’s a quick and dirty video of an application I did for a client and recently ported this to the 5" LCD.


Nice job! You just volunteered to write my next user interface (I like to design them, I hate to code them).

Thanks to Glide this was quite painless Jeff. Converting from the original 4.3" 480 x 272 was a simple process of re-scaling them in the Glide designer for the 800 x 480. Mind you, for some with so many components, it was a slow process.

I am working on a couple of new projects using the G120 and this display for home automation. NETMF makes it so easy to build stuff like this. The cap touch really does make touch so much more enjoyable and responsive compared with resistive touch displays.


Dave since you asked regarding interest, I would be interested as I have a client who may be interested in something larger than the T43 but smaller than the CP7.

Nice job by the way…