Gadgeteer, Azure Mobile Services and Pusher

This is a worthy article to have a look through by Nick Harris as he starts with a Fez Spider based device to pick up light and temperature, pumps it up to Azure then uses Pusher to push it out to a webclient. A pretty good show of connecting the pieces and using Azure which is becoming worthy tool in and of itself and a nice fit with Gadgeteer.


That’s quite awesome. I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with Windows Azure and Mobile Services for my blog lately, so it feels like my worlds are suddenly colliding. :slight_smile:

Nick does some great demos, but the best piece I took from this was the availability of Add-ons for Azure in the store. Hadn’t realized that was now integrated into the management portal. Very cool! May have to try my hand at connecting NETMF and Mobile Services myself!

Interesting post. Thank you. I like the way add-ons are integrated as well.