Gadgeteer at PAX East 2012

I have just gotten back from PAX East and caught up on some sleep and I thought I would share this.

Jean (my wife) and I had a booth for a publisher she works for, so I thought I would bring along the mini arcade I have been working on and maybe sell a few copies of the book we wrote together (see shameless self promoting photo).

The response was amazing I spoke to hundreds of people stopping by to look at the mini arcade this gave me a chance to talk about micro .NET and Gadgeteer. Many folks already knew C# and were excited to learn about the module based approach used by Gadgeteer. At first I had wished the game(if you can call it that) was better but it turned out to be a great conversation starter on how hard it is to develop a good game and all that it involves.

I have found out we will be returning to PAX East 2013 and I have been asked to maybe do a talk and demo on Gaming and the Gadgeteer.

For those that do not know PAX East is a convention on all things game related from video games to table top games held in Boston MA, this year over 60,000 people attended over 3 days.

this is us at our booth

Nice! I don’t see the cylinder hat?

That’s awesome man!

@ Sean

Hope you and Jean had a great time!

So…what’s the game you had running on your Arcade Console? :wink:


I left out one sad detail on Sunday the arcade met an untimely end falling to the floor but life goes on.

The game … well I was calling it the Left-Right-Up-Down game its not much of a game at all. You move the ship around using the joystick and it knows the edges of the screen so you can not move it out of view.

I am using the art from the game I found in the Wiki

I wish I could have gotten that game to work.

@ Architect
I do not understand “cylinder hat” sorry

@ swestcott

Nevermind, I’ve just created an image from your avatar. It was an attempt of a joke.

@ Sean

I think @ Architect is either referring to the top hat in your avatar pic, or possibly to this:


Ha ha oh OK I did have one but my daughter hates it and she took the photo and refused unless I took it off.

@ devhammer
We had a great time! Meeting and talking to so many nice folks our booth was right next to the booth and that added to the fun.