Gadgeteer at MVP Summit

Now while Gadgeteer doesn’t have any MVPs of their own just MVPs that are Gadgeteer fans like Steve and myself and the key efforts of folks like Pete Brown and based on the success of the Gadgeteer demo sessions last year Gadgeteer was allowed to have 3 sessions this year where 30 MVPs per session could come in and try building devices with Gadgeteer. Last year when we did this we had some empty seats despite me going around telling every MVP I could find how cool Gadgeteer was, but this year every session was filled weeks ago (maybe they were scared I’d hunt them all down again this year if they didn’t sign up), so the interest level in Gadgeteer is way up from where it used to be, but of course we need to keep the peddle to the metal. Seeing how fast the sessions filled up must of been a bit of an eye opener to some Microsoft folks as well, and I can tell you that Colin etc are still in the Gadgeteer game and even with an expanded scope so there are some cool things coming (that part however falls under my NDA so that is about all I can say). Microsoft as usual had a bit of a reorg and so that is why they got a tad quiet, but they are pretty much done so their visibility will be going up, heck I’ve even seen tweets lately from @ netGadgeteer.

What do we need to do, well keep posting, tweeting, etc and having fun building Gadgeteer projects and hardware and we need to keep the hammer down on getting on to Visual Studio 2012

In case anyone is interested my twitter handle is @ mcneillb


Good to hear that! Thank you for sharing that bit of inside info. By the way what area/technology are you MVP in?

Developer Security

go gadgeteer :slight_smile: And a million thanks to you and everyone helping in showing the world what gadgeteer is about.

Great waves!
I’m sad because I’m not attending the summit this year, for this reason this afternoon to keep up your inspiration, our UG here are doing an Event, all time speaking about Microframework and Gadgeteer.

A great time for all us, discovering new things to school teachers, students, engineers and programmers.

a very very small summit… but in fact a very good MicroSummit LoL.

I will remain seated until the news from summit becomes out of NDA. :-))

When will this news become public?

Generally it become public when Microsoft posts it on their site.

I will say we got a bonus session this afternoon which talked about Gadgeteer as well and with the same ‘I gotta try that’ response from the MVPs attending. People love this stuff, its just a matter of letting them know about it. I told a ton of people about and CodeShare and such and when I showed them all the modules on GHI, there was some jaw dropping, then I’d mention our independent module makers and I think we are going to see some new folks joining the Gadgeteer ranks. What is really funny is a lot of these guys have Raspberry Pi’s which have left them wanting, so Alex, I’ll take Gadgeteer for the easy win.

I gotta figure out a way to start touring some schools and such with hand on presentations as that is like users in the bank.

I’m glad to hear you say this. Earlier today a friend of mine that leads the Nashville Functional Programmer’s group contacted me and had apparently just sat in a Gadgeteer lab with Colin Miller. He’s also a Raspberry Pi guy. In fact, he’s currently working on an array of Pi’s running Erlang. You know the guy? :wink: He had Colin send me these great lab docs for NashMicro. Many of you can also use them. They look like great lab materials.

@ Ianlee74 I had a pretty good conversation with him about Gadgeteer and Raspberry Pi and he was one of the guys who was impressed by the list of modules and such so I suspect he will end up a Gadgeteer Module Junkie as well :slight_smile: Must admit I’m envious of the User Groups and activities you guys have in Nashville.

@ Duke Nukem - Good work young man :slight_smile:

@ duke Nukem this is great stuff. Looking forward to the nda coming off so we can hear the news :wink:

Nashville, the “Silicon valley of the South”, is a great city for tech. While the rest of the country has been in a recession we’ve never had fewer than 800 available tech jobs on any given day. If you ever want to thaw out, come on down. We’ve always got room for one more techie! We have so many user groups now that I have to rank the meetings because I simply can’t go to them all. What a terrible problem to have!

I brought 2 others MVP to the Gadgeteer session last week, that was their first time playing with Gadgeteer. I know one of them have order the Spider Kit during the session to get it when he was coming home. Too bad the sessions was supposed too be full but not everybody showed up.

We should have gotten all the MVPs from TinyCLR together at some point during the Summit as apparently there are a few of us.

Group picture!

All of you current MVPs should get together and suggest there be an MVP for Gadgeteering :wink:

They used to have the Micro Framework Expertise for the MVPs, but it’s long gone. I don’t think they will ever have anymore NETMF MVPs…

The current MVP group that Gadgeteer likely falls under is the Windows Embedded MVP group, but I suspect most MVPs here are MVPs in other areas, but who knows if Gadgeteer lives up to its potential maybe one day there might be Gadgeteer MVPs

I don’t think there is a Gadgeteer MVP as the Gadgeteer team would have to pay for it, and would make it more known if there were any.

BTW, I had a very good meeting last week at Summit with a company about doing some Gadgeteer (and other) work (details of that are NDA for now as well), but as soon as the contracts are worked out, I’ll be posting that publicly here and other places.

:slight_smile: looking forward to it