Gadgeteer and audio in

I see multiple 10-bit analog in and an annotation that says the 10-bit analog out is capable of play WAV format data. What will be required to connect up a microphone and record audio?

The first place to look for “how to do” examples is the Wiki.


Playback is a lot different than record…

I think it might be possible by using RLP, which requires using C instead of C#.

Not a beginner project.

But, there might be a module available in the future.

For simple 8bit PCM WAV audio, you can use RLP to handle it

What is recommended is to use an audio CODEC to handle audio recording-encoding and audio playback-decoding. We plan to have a module for this use.

Hello Gus,

I must confess to be in need of such a module myself. How are your plans regarding something like this…?

Great insight in this forum! Look much forward to becoming a gadgeteer.


This post is 5 month old :slight_smile: We have had music module for very long time. Check our catalog for latest available modules please.

If you are talking about ADC for general use then there is already some built in processor.

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Hello Gus,

tremendous speedy reply, thanks a lot! I can’t believe I overlooked the music module! But now it’s bought and on its way, as well as is near all the rest of your terrific offerings :-).

One question though, does the module offer recording capabilities? This guy Thomas needs to know as well, :slight_smile: I did my best to research it but remain a newbie in this area of microcontrollers, so I hope you’ll pardon me if the questions seems lame.

Good day to you.

If you look at pictures, you will see in and out. So yes it can record. I do not think this capability is in the driver yet but we welcome contributions :slight_smile:

I was working with music module on a Spider and did see recording in the Gadgeteer support.

@ Gus Well said! I’m software guy, so that’s my driver-challenge, isn’t it :wink:

@ Michael Thanks for your observation, hopefully I’ll be able to put it there :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I’m trying to record audio in with music module but really struggling. Any news on a driver for it yet?

The driver should be included already in the SDK.

Not as far as I can see. There’s no event for recording audio in when I’m using it in C#. Though to be fair I am very new at this. There is a OggRecord [] ufnciton which I thought could be used to record from the audio in but I can’t figure how to get anything from the audio in. Thanks for the help.

I see. Maybe looking at the source codes on codeplex and the codec datasheet would help better? I am not sure how experienced you are.

This a very new driver still. As this is open source, we hope the community will build on the sources provided to make a simpler/better driver.

Thanks. I am really quite new to this but have people about I can ask. Thanks for getting back to me really appreciate it.