Gadgeteer 3D Files

Hi Everyone,

I couldn’t find information else were on the forum but are there no 3D files for gadgeteer modules and boards available?

I’ve spotted the 3D PDF’s but I’ve no way to import them. How nice to quickly assembly and make mounting holes etc. quickly for laser cutting / 3D printing in sketchup.

They are randomly scattered and many are missing. We plan on making this better in near future.

Here is some

Thanks, yeah it would be great to have them all! There’s no spider? I’ll have a look and see if I can find it somewhere else.

If anyone has other files or sources could you share them here?

Just found a 3D pdf to sketchup converter so all I need to do is scale them in sketchup - very useful!

I found an almost complete list of 3D files provided by the guys at Microsoft in Cambridge - thank you! It over on the gadgeteer codeplex.