Gadgeteer 3-day Super Blowout Clearance Sale

We recently announced that we are no longer moving forward with Gadgeteer. But we know many users that still love Gadgeteer and they want to add to their toolbox before it is too late. Remember that you can use Gadgeteer without the Gadgeteer framework. In fact, today’s Tech Talk is about the Gadgeteer hardware and how it can still be useful in the future.

So jump right in and get you some awesomely cheap Gadgeteer hardware before it is too late! Everything listed on sale is located at

We kindly ask you to limit your order to 5 of each. And please remember that order volumes tend to rise during sales and it may take a few extra days to get your order out-the-door. So please be patient with our Distribution Team as they will being doing their best to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.


50% off. GHI is gonna make me poor.

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Another great video. I like that setup with the shop window in the back a lot better. Now to resist purchasing more hardware I don’t yet need… :frowning:

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@ ianlee74 -I couldn’t resit and ordered stuff that I don’t need yet. ;D


Can’t resit too !!!

Any possibility that GHI will be making additional pulse counter modules, they are now out of stock… I would take 5…

We promised availability till the end of the year but there is no guarantee of any further sale. Current sale is over and items will go out of sale soon.

That was fast!

@ EvoMotors - we are on fire :slight_smile:

@ Gus - I ordered Friday afternoon and it’s already here :open_mouth:

@ Gus, so it’s a fire sale? :slight_smile:

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That’s too quick, we are firing someone!


I stand corrected… a fireD sale!


I think you need to speak with Jennifer.

I see some finger pointing in here…

What better way to recover from a crappy day at work than to come home to a mail box full of blinkies.
Thanks GHI! I’m going to miss Gadgeteer.

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too slow :smiley:

@ Gary - You can fire another one, same for me : very quick delivery !

Now I can return to play with all this modules.

There is no one left to fire! :whistle:

When did we fire Dave?