Thanks. In the coming months I plan to add a follow up that utilizes that nice little Wii module :wink:

@ ianlee74 - I’ll send you a new setup tonight so you can use multiple fonts on that appbar.

Completely missed that…didn’t even notice there was text on the card.

Given that, I think my suggestion stands. :wink:

@ ianlee74 - One other suggestion…I think you need some more fonts in the video captions. There’s just not enough variety as it is. :smiley:

:slight_smile: Yea, as much fun as it is when it’s done the truth is I really hate making videos. It’s such a slow and tedious process. I’ll probably standardize on some of the fonts during the cleanup tonight. I’ll also be adding a “Want to discuss Gadgeteer? visit” slide at the end also. Thanks for pointing out that oversight.

@ skewworks - I look forward to receiving it. Unfortunately, it probably will not make it into this video though. I don’t have time to re-shoot and recompose all the video again.

No worries, I should have gotten it out to you sooner. I think you’ll find it’s worth the wait though. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more. I think videos are an exceptionally useful resource for communicating certain types of info, but editing and producing videos is one of my least favorite things to do, particularly given how time-consuming it can be (especially if you’re as compulsive about eliminating “ums” and “uhs” as I am).

And if it wasn’t clear, I’m just ribbing you. I think the vid is quite good, and the project is outstanding. No dis intended. :slight_smile:

No problem. I’m demoing to my company this week and then CoderFaire & DevLink in a couple weeks. The new UI changes will get plenty of good exposure in those demos :slight_smile: I’ll probably add a lot more UI to it before the conferences. I’m sure the demo this week for our mostly smartphone UI designers will result in a lot of suggestions for improvements in the UI. Since the purpose of this video was really to show off the hardware and not any particular Gadgeteer project, I haven’t added a lot of useful demos to it yet. That will happen this week and next.

Blog post is now available at:

If you watched the video previously, you may want to take another look. A bit more editing was done and some extra scenes were added.

@ ianlee74 - Excellent blog post - Well done :slight_smile:

and it made Channel9 and Coding4Fun

Nice one Ian

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Wow! Thanks for pointing that out Brett!

My session at DevLink this morning was a huge hit. I estimate between 150-200 people showed up and it received almost entirely 5 stars on all the surveys with only positive comments. It was the first session of the day and I was answering questions about Gadgeteer for the rest of the day. People are buzzing with excitement about Gadgeteer. I’ve already got at least one more user group lined up to present at and maybe do a hands-on workshop. I’m having a blast!

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It is surly an awesome project. Congratulations.

And that is also more good news about your presentation.

@ ianlee74 - Congrats on making Channel 9, that is awesome!

Congratulations ian!!!

@ ianlee74 - well done fella.

Good job! Was your session recorded?

Awesome…great to hear.

Maybe sometime we can get you back to Virginia and we could co-present. Maybe even grab Pete for a big Mad Scientist show! :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone.

The entire session wasn’t but I know people were recording some of the demos. I talked to some and have asked them to send me copies. I don’t have anything yet, though.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be at MadExpo next year. I’m definitely up for doing something together. Your copters paired with my cannon is surely something no one would want to miss! Throw in Pete and it’s like having Larry, Curly, & Moe!

@ ianlee74 - The three stooges, eh? Why I oughta!

I was thinking perhaps something a little more highbrow, but you’re probably right. :slight_smile: