G80TH 3D Model and Availability


I know this was discussed earlier this year, but, any chance for G80TH STEP or any other type of 3D model?

Also the shelves are empty! When can we expect suppliers to have new stock of the G80TH?


We no longer provide 3D models.

About shelves, we no longer offer products on our website. You can buy from one of our distributors. We can direct sales for custom orders as well.

Thanks Gus.

I knew you no longer sold them on the website, just couldn’t find any distributors with stock. Mouser indicated a delivery date of 8/22, but still no joy.

I’m patient, I can wait :slight_smile:


p.s. I think I like this new forum much better than the last.

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If it is urgent, contact our sales and they will give you further details.

I know it is hard to wait for awesome products like ours :nerd:

Hi Matt,

G80TH have been shipped to Mouser. Keep an eye out.

Thanks Mike! :smiley: