G80 verses G120E

Why would I want (need) the G80 Development System when I can have the G120E Development System for very little increase in cost?

This is a serious question. I would like to know about the advantages of using one over the other.

Then again, I suppose I could get both and find out myself…

Because you want to evaluate G80.

Why would you test drive a Hyundai when you plan to buy a Porsche?


Why would you test drive a Hyundai if you knew you wanted to buy the Mazda ? (maybe that’s a more like-for-like comparison, as I don’t think the G80/G120E are worlds apart, unlike the Porsche :slight_smile: Plus I’m not saying which is which ;D )

@ Brett -

as I don’t think the G80/G120E are worlds apart

That is why I asked the question.

It costs a lot of resources for GHI to develop each so there must be a reason why they are doing both.

@ willgeorge - One is a SoC and the other is a SoM.

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@ Mike -

Thanks… Never looked at it that way

… and the SOC vs SOM option can have a big impact on the size of your device. Plus, with the G80 you MUST use the ENC28 for Ethernet, where the G120E does not.

But there are lots of other differences, but they are usually things that matter to a specific application - do you get enough IOs for what you need or can you trade that off for a smaller size.

In fact they are. G80 is smaller, (possibly) cheaper and MUCH faster, but G120E is packet with features (flash, RAM, ethernet, RLP, LCD, etc…)


Both are just placeholders until the G800xe in sept anyway.