G80 TinyCLR OS firmware 0.5.0 upgrade

Ive had same issue trying to upgrade G80 to v4

Using TeraTerm to XModem up the firmware, it connects and starts sending file to G80 but stops at 5%
Have tried different Baud rates…
Always stops at 5% and goes no further.
Is there another way to upgrade?


@ PTSS -

If I use the TRANSFER / XMODEM / SEND, with the 1K Option set, then it appears to work!

1k option required.

Hi, I have updated G80 module with G80 Firmware.0.5.0.ghi file (teraterm) and now it introduces itself in device manager as G30. Have you faced with the same problem ?

Try to use U for upload instead X (1K selected)

I had same problem using X (1K selected) weeks earlier

Windows will always show if the first device you plugged in when the driver was installed. You can ignore that.

X command with GHI files
U commands with GLB files

Always, no exceptions :slight_smile:

Ok, I will ignore it. Thanks :wink:

@ Gus_ghielectroncs - i’m still learning :slight_smile:

Did exist any ready made desktop app for replacing tera term in simple way to upload files
Just with parameters to select and upload file .

@ valon.hoti@ gmail.com - we have always had that for netmf, and we will for TinyCLR in the future.

Even better, build this right into visual studio. Nothing else to install.