G80 TH Module header row width center to center .8 in/20.32 mm?

Was hoping to plug a G80 TH module into a standard DIL socket like I can the G30. But I measure the G80 header row width center to center as .8 in/20.32 mm. Did I measure that right?

TH modules are made to be 0.1". Are you sure you measured it correctly?

he’s talking specifically the row-to-row spacing, not the pin-to-pin

It will be a very tight fit into a DIL socket as the pins are large by comparison to an IC. Better to use single row sockets such as this. They are designed for the square pins.


You can find 40 pin versions and cut them to size. The one I linked to is expensive but Mouse etc sell cheaper options.

Thanks Brett…Yes I am interested in a confirmation double checking my row to row spacing measurement.

There used to be a dimensions PDF at this link, but it is not working.


Thanks for the reply Dave. I’ll check out your suggestion

Thanks Dave for taking the time to reply.
I did locate it here…http://old.ghielectronics.com/downloads/model/G80_TH_DIM.pdf

Yes Brett, we made them 0.1" spacing so you can use a bread board.