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G80 Supply Shortage


Does anyone have a few extra G80’s I can buy for a prototype? Mouser says 0 in stock, 7 weeks factory lead time. Not seeing any other vendors with it or anything on eBay.

Preferably within USA


I got to office and checked mouser. The TH module is in stock. If you want you can always remove the ic from a few for your purposes.


@Mr_John_Smith I don’t think my solder technician will approve…64 pin is already so hard for her to remove.


I have one (if that’s enough for your needs) laying around, that I did’t use for a project. I could ship it from europe for about $6 (3-7 workdays delivery-time)


I think I only have to wait until May 1st but that falls through I will definitely check back and see if you haven’t used it yet