G80 SoC shortage

Hello community, As you may know (or not) there is a severe shortage of G80 SoC, and lead time is more than 6 weeks. My company is probably guilty for that, I reckon :grin:

We need to get urgently at least 50 G80’s, so if anybody has a surplus we are offering to purchase it. We will buy G80 SoC, G80-TH and even Fez Panda.

Cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Best regards, JCP


I can’t wait until I’m able to produce my own shortages of G120 modules.

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Crap. I just started designing a G80 circuit today, too!!!

I have exactly two G80 SoC in my possession but I’ll need them for our next prototype. If I could help I would, though.


Awesome setup!!! I want it.

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Thanks a lot anyway!!!.

By the way, I envy your setup. I’m going to copy (…at least a third of…) it :grin:


Is that a tanning booth? With such a clean desk you can’t possibly get any work done… :wink:


Well I had to clean up most of my pile of styrofoam cups Wednesday when the marketing guy yelled at everyone in the office for having clutter.

In the past there have been times my office has been a disaster. :slight_smile:

This is at our old office, before we bought our own building, right after the setup was built. At the time I was doing some research on Windows 8 release candidate, “metro” (as it was called at the time) app development.

Then a while later the same desk saw HPC cluster prototyping - we’re an Intel Gold partner - and things got real messy, real fast.

Much neater in the racks.

Two stacks, one Intel (left), one Supermicro (right)

Between the two racks shown, there’s 12 terabytes of RAM, and they can host over 3,000 virtual servers.

Of course we had to build out. :slight_smile:

The architecture I developed for those would give Cray a run for their money in space and power consumption.

Now I’m on yet another new venture and carved the electronics lab out of part of the storeroom in the basement.

"A developer is a developer is a … "

Never bottle yourself in to one niche for too long! Life is too short.


Whaaaaa!!! Crazy but I love crazy!

That explains why you hired @Gary_Beaver! :wink:


My friends at Pixar would say “nice setup, but why are your 6 monitors so small?”


I forgive you for you know not what you do.

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