G80 based IoT device (Wisebox M4F) first shipment

Hi everybody. I took longer than expected but this week we finaly shipped the first 50 units of Wisebox M4F (G80 based) to one of our customers (electrical power distribution company here in Chile). Next week we will be working at the field with them, giving support for the first installations.

This is the first shipment of many. We already have received purchase orders for 230 units, so July will be a very busy month ;D

Take a look at the pictures (minutes before starting the packing process).


@ jcplaza@ wiseaccess.com -

Great! I hope EVERYTHING goes perfectly!

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Fantastic! Good luck!

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Good job !

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Pick 2 looks like an Embedded Cray-1 ;D

@ Justin - Iā€™m pretty sure the colleague who took the photo never heard about Cray computers or any other mainframe unit (he is 30 years old), so I guess it was a coincidence, but you are absolutely right!! It looks like a Cray!!! ;D

ā€¦ Nobody here believes me when I talk about water cooled mainframes or 6 feet tall hard disk units. :wink: