G400's Need for Speed

Since we had a recent post about how much faster the Cerb-family firmware has become http://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=11832, we thought we would throw G400’s hat into the ring.

Using the Pi Calculator found here: http://www.ghielectronics.com/community/codeshare/entry/597 , Here are the results of calculating Pi to 200 didgits in release as compared to EMX:

[em]G400[/em]: 1:07 – 18.1 x faster

[em]Cerb[/em]: 2:57 – 6.85 x faster

[em]Hydra[/em]: 4:43 – 4.29 x faster

[em]G120[/em]: 12:39 – 1.6 x faster

[em]EMX[/em]: 20:13

Nice. Now get your a***e in gear and get the thing released!!

We want to play with it too…


@ Aron - Any numbers yet on the G800?

Very pleasing numbers!

Hardware always has this funny way of getting faster which is great as then that means Gadgeteer can do even more cool stuff. That performance kick in the butt for the Cerberus was sweet as it was like getting a whole bunch of new kick ass boards for free. Can hardly wait for the G400 and on as Gadgeteer is just getting leaner and meaner all the time.

I wonder what other mainboards numbers are. Have to try it tonight.


What you haven’t got yours yet? I would have words with Gus if i was you… :whistle:

Error 404

We’re sorry, but /community/codeshare/entry/597, could not be found.

http://www.ghielectronics.com/community/codeshare/entry/597 has worked for me just now…

I went and did a search on “digits” and it was in the list. The URL above has the “trailing punctuation mark” issue

remove the comma!

Comma removed. :slight_smile:

Soooo… any ETA on when the G400 beta kit can be ordered?

With this kind of processing power and memory, would it be fast enough to run a socket server that streams video (with a decent framerate) from a usb webcam ?

My Chipworkx Dev kit is also keeping crying because I said him the G400 would be available in a couple of day, and now, …he died waiting !

Please !..We must save Chipkit !

You can order it now as part of the beta kit:



…But you really want my chipkit to die or what ! :slight_smile:

It is Pin compliant so why a new kit if I already have on with existing features that would avoid using simple holes…

Then you have to wait. :slight_smile: But I am sure not for long.

That’s what I thought ! :’(

The G400 module price is not going to be less than the kit so you are saving by ordering the kit now.