G400HDR Schematic


I’m new to the forum and was looking for a schematic for the G400HDR breakout PCA used with the G400D. I saw it posted in an old forum, but the link has expired. Does anyone have this handy that they could pass along?


This was long gone but I think the board was labeled with every single pin. Wasn’t it?

@Gus_Issa yes the bottom side lists the function next to each 2 pin header, but the top side 10 pin connectors don’t.

It has been many years. Can you post a photo please?

Oh man I almost forgot about this! Do you have gadgeteer modules to plug into this?

Yes I also have several modules. Haven’t gone through all of them yet. I inherited a design that uses a G400 and was adding some I2C sensors and things to it, so starting digging through some of the breakout and dev tools available.

@jscmanson This is fantastic thank you!