G400HDR + NewHaven 7"

I’m trying to run my NewHaven 7" display on a G400HDR and I’m not having any luck. The display works with the Raptor and the G400HDR works with other displays (including the CP7). Any suggestions? Here’s the code I’m using.

			GHI.Processor.Display.Width = 800;
			GHI.Processor.Display.Height = 480;
			GHI.Processor.Display.OutputEnableIsFixed = false;
			GHI.Processor.Display.OutputEnablePolarity = true;
			GHI.Processor.Display.PixelPolarity = false;
			GHI.Processor.Display.PixelClockRateKHz = 20000;
			GHI.Processor.Display.HorizontalSyncPolarity = false;
			GHI.Processor.Display.HorizontalSyncPulseWidth = 48;
			GHI.Processor.Display.HorizontalBackPorch = 88;
			GHI.Processor.Display.HorizontalFrontPorch = 40;
			GHI.Processor.Display.VerticalSyncPolarity = false;
			GHI.Processor.Display.VerticalSyncPulseWidth = 3;
			GHI.Processor.Display.VerticalBackPorch = 32;
			GHI.Processor.Display.VerticalFrontPorch = 13;
			GHI.Processor.Display.Type = GHI.Processor.Display.DisplayType.Lcd;
			GHI.Processor.Display.CurrentRotation = GHI.Processor.Display.Rotation.Normal;
			GHI.Processor.Display.ShowBootupMessages = showBootMessages;

			if (GHI.Processor.Display.Save())

If it works with raptor then it is probably your wiring.

@ Gus - I’m using sockets for the connection so wiring wouldn’t be an issue.

They look the same as my settings except I am using 30Mhz clock as that is the typical rate in their datasheet.

What are you seeing on the display?

If the display remains totally black, are you sure about the correct output for the backlight drive?

@ Dave McLaughlin - Random colored lines that would be indicative of a timing/setting issue but the same settings work on other mainboards. Bit confusing. Honestly I may just throw the CP7 on the 400HDR instead.

I’d be using the Raptor by the socket came off F slot and I both need an SD card and lack the tools to fix it myself. :frowning:

I assume you are using the GXP header for this as?

Might be worth doing a quick continuity check on the signal paths, especially the SYNC and CLOCK lines.

On the Raptor you would have been using the gadgeteer sockts unless of course you have one of the old GXP to gadgeteer adapters? I would still do a quick continuity check on the connection. It might be that simple and issue.

@ Dave McLaughlin - I’m using sockets on the G400HDR as well

I can confirm that the 7" New Haven Display does not work when connected to a G400HDR too using Skewworks code.

Skewworks code works on a G400TH (and Cobra III) just fine.

In my tests, the LCD is connected through a Display NHVN Module in all cases.

I checked all the schematics and all of the sockets are wired the same across Raptor, G400TH, G400HDR and NVH display.

Like I said, check the continuity as it looks like something is missing on the G400HDR.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Not really a big deal if I’ve got confirmation it doesn’t work for others as well. I’ll just chalk it up and move along. :slight_smile: