I finally got around to trying out my G400 beta kit and the first thing that surprised me is that no LEDs came on when I powered it up. Is this normal? I’m using an SP module in socket #4. I see what I believe is an LED next to the socket but no light comes from it. I get a “G400” device listed, so I know it’s getting powered but I expected something on the board.

The HDR has a LED just right of socket 4, assuming you looking at the board with the year 2013 right way up. The LED is connected to pin PD3. Unfortunately it does not come on when the device is powered up.

In the Gadgeteer Mainboard project I used this LED as the mainboard debug LED.

Yea. I saw it was labeled CHIPLED. So, I was assuming it would light when a chip was inserted. I suppose not…

I think “chipled” probably refers to the fact that it’s SMT, or it might be a reference to one of OSRAM’s brand of SMT LEDs, CHIPLED.


Ah… That makes sense.

@ ianlee74

As you already know, the onboard LED is connected to a GPIO (PD3).

We added a small section to the developer’s guide to aid future users with the G400HDR boards that they may receive here: http://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/112/g400#1743

More code and tips to come.

Thanks, Aron.