G400HDR and the new Gadgeteer Package 2013 R2

I can no longer use my G400HDR with the new 2013 R2

Is there any plan to update dotnetwarrier G400HDR_42?

(I realize you cannot speak for taylorza)

I am using a G400-D, G400HDR
The G400 is a Not For Production v1.2 Module.
G400 firmware

Using .NET Framework 4.2
Using firmware G400-D
Using dotnetwarrior.Gadgeteer.G400HDR: version3739_907_G400_Gadgeteer

That said after installing Gadgeteer Package 2013 R2 and creating a NEW
application in Express 2012 for Windows Desktop. The app contains only the mainboard
G400HDR and no modules.

The following reference a older version of the Premium software.

Application will build but I receive the following errors on Deploy/Debug

Link failure: some assembly references cannot be resolved!!

Assembly: G400TestSPI ( needs
assembly ‘dotnetwarrior.Gadgeteer.G400HDR’ (

Assembly: dotnetwarrior.Gadgeteer.G400HDR ( needs assembly ‘GHI.Premium.Hardware’ (

Assembly: dotnetwarrior.Gadgeteer.G400HDR ( needs assembly ‘GHI.Premium.System’ (

Error: a3000000


All you need to do is rebuild dotnetwarior, right?

@ Gus -

All you need to do is rebuild dotnetwarior, right?
I ‘think’ all that is needed is to update the references in G400HDR_42.csproj.

However, I have no idea how to make the installer G400HDR.msi…

Beyond my knowledge. I have never made one.

@ willgeorge - If you build Release target of that project it will build the installer for you.

@ Architect -

Thanks… I’ll give it a try

One more thing. You will need to install this:


@ andre.m -

if one would ask him …

I would but not sure how to contact a member… Or even if allowed.

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Thank you! We are in Columbus Georgia, still a little far from the .NETMF action but I might be able to make a Maker fair or two sometime in the future.


Thank you Mike.

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Welcome to you and your family to the U.S.A.!