G400D Socket

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please can you tell me the part number and manufacturer of the socket which I need to use the G400D in my own design?

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Search for: DDR SO DIMM 200 socket


… Mouser part # 571-1565917-4, but only ‘module paralell to PCB’, nut up right Standing …
Maybe I can find something elswhere.

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Link: http://at.mouser.com/ProductDetail/TE-Connectivity-AMP/1565917-4/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMvlX3nhDDO4AJ8WdyEajfRp14mFoXRyjZo%3D

@ Gerhard - This is the one we use.


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Important: Look for 1.8V SODIMM. We figured that out with the famous trial-and-error method. Now we have 20 2.5V SODIMM sockets without purpose…

This should be written in the G400 specification somewhere.

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@ Simon from Vilnius - are the dimensions different or the slot is too narrow?

No, just the notch is in the wrong position…

I see.

from the Mike’s link it shows that

1.8V is DDR2
2.5V is DDR1

So the DDR2 is the keyword, I guess.

Might be. But if I look on our sockets, it’s not written if it is DDR1 or DDR2, it only states “DDR STD 1.8V”, so I guess it’s better to rely on voltage.

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thanks for that important Input.

Yes, documentation of G400D lacks, I ordered the stick and the HDR board and now it turns out I also need a USB Power modul for fast kickoff. A development set, containing all needed (maybe one PCB socket too), will be really helpful.

Ok, so I guess, as the theoretical probability is 50% to get the correct out of two, the practical probability to pick the wrong is >= 100% …

Thanks again to point this out.

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You are right. When I am stuck deciding on a 50% chance, I always pick the wrong one!

Next time I will pick the one I did not pick?! :wall: Just kidding of course.

Please remember that voltage number is really meant for actual memory sticks, not a CPU board. :slight_smile:

I used this Tyco part 1565917-4

It’s stocked by Element14 for those with them as a supplier, stock code 2112525

I also made the mistake when I ordered 2 samples from Tyco. I got the one above and one other. Didn’t notice the DDR1 vs DDR2 and soldered it on by hand. Sure glad I purchased that hot air rework tool though. :slight_smile:

… uh.

I think, it would be nice, if GHI spends some drops of red colour and note this down at the products web page in big colored letters and in the manual also!!!

Thanks a lot.

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PS: How can I mark a post as answer??

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Click the check mark to the left of +1.

Also there’s two centering pads, and one large than the other… be sure that the pcb holes are in the same order… :wall: :wall: :wall:

10 pcbs to the garbage… I am wondering if I will succeed to have a valid board with the G400D

On my first prototype for a G400D board I ordered 2 samples from Tyco, DDR1 and DDR2 types. At the time I didn’t know about it being DDR2 and installed the DDR1 socket and found that the module would not work and spotted the alignment error. The socket was hand soldered to the board.

It made my hot air rework station worth the money as I was able to remove the wrong one and re-install the correct one. Hand soldered again. I was getting good at fine pitch by this time. :slight_smile: